Muralo is a paint manufacturing company with nearly 120 years of experience in the business. In fact, Muralo is the oldest family owned paint manufacturer in the United States. Throughout its history, Muralo has developed upscale products that have attracted discriminating painting contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

The Muralo Company was founded in 1894 on Staten Island, New York and it has been in the Norton & Son family of companies since 1955. Since its beginning, Norton & Son has acquired a number of companies, the most recent of which is the Graham Paint & Varnish Company of Chicago. From a start with 4 people in 1944, Norton & Son has grown to employ as many as 300. Edward Norton, the founder of Norton & Son and his son, Edward Norton Jr. have since passed away. Mr. Norton Jr.'s three sons, two nephews, a cousin, a grandson and a host of people who are considered family continue the business efforts of Norton & Son.

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Muralo Ultra Waterborne Ceramic Interior Paint